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Rs. 800


Presenting a wonderful little story where children can use handcrafted wooden blocks to illustrate the story. The Story is about a hardworking Unicorn who does not give up till he achieves what he is looking for.
The usage of All iterations brings the attention to the sound repeated like Cooby the Cat, Wooby the wizard.
Work hard and do not give up !
The book has been authored by Divya Bawa (an educator and published children’s author)
The story has been written in such a way as to aid reading and enough surface area to print. The jacket of the book has been designed by The Heritage project - where design meets art. The handcrafted blocks can be used to make wrapping paper as well !

1.Hand carved wooden blocks

  • Wizard
  • Unicorn
  • Monkey
  • Triangle
  • Circle
  • Star



4.Story book

5.String for binding

6.Book jacket/cover


Country of Origin: India

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