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An invention is a unique or novel device, method, composition, or process. According to science, inventions either help or completely solve the human problems that they face in daily life. For example – The computer is an invention that does many human works. ‘Know About Science – Inventions’ this book gives curious kids information about amazing real inventions.

• Ideal for ages 6-8
• 64 pages
• Clear, straightforward text
• Amazing facts
• Big, beautiful images
• Nice cover design

This interesting book includes various topics to educate, engage, and entertain young learners. It will help them enhance their knowledge about the technology that has made their life comfortable.

Age Guidance: 6-8 yrs

Material: Paperback

Product Dimension: 28x22x0.5cm

Shipping Timeline: 2-3 Days

Ships From Delhi

Country of Origin India


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