Ispy - Multiple Reusable Themes

Rs. 699


Difficulty level: Easy to medium

Age: 5 to 10 years.

Product specifications:
This game consists of various sheets which include different themes. It does not need any special equipment or a place to be played. To play this game, a child should only be able to mark the objects and count numbers.

1. This game consists of different kinds of themes and numbers that help children to identify and learn to calculate.
2. It helps to develop the vocabulary of children.
3. The game increases your child’s concentration and mental ability.
4. It increases your child’s ability to learn sorting and comparing.

How to play:
The game consists of different themes where a child has to identify a different object from the themes and the numbers written on it. Later on, the child has to calculate the numbers written on the objects and write them in the circles. The game helps children to develop their visual tracking skills and to enhance their vocabulary skills. It also lets a child compare things and learn calculation.

Material used : Rewritable Paper 

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