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Do you have a sharp eyesight and an even sharper brain? This one’s just for you! ‘It’s a match’ is a game based on how well you can identify similarities and differences between pictures. 

How to Play?

Distribute the pack so that each player gets a set of picture cards. Now, take turns to play. If you think you have a match with any of the other players reach out and cover the center card. Same designs in different colours qualify for a match too. 

“Easy-peasy”, you say? You can’t be more wrong. You have a yellow lion with a backpack and another player has a blue lion with a backpack. Before you shriek “ I got a match”, check the cards again! Is your lion standing while the other one is sitting? The differences can be minute.

A wrong match can attract a heavy penalty! A great game to enliven your weekend parties with friends and family!

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