Jai Hanuman (Hindi) : Religion Children Book by Dreamland Publications

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Book: Jai Hanuman (Hindi)
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Hanuman – the monkey-god, loyal follower of Lord Rama was spirited, energetic, and endowed with strength. ‘Jai Hanuman’ this book tells stories of Hanuman Ji from his childhood to his selfless service for Lord Rama. Beautifully illustrated and retold in simple words, this storybook is a delight to read for any age group.•32 pages•Ideal for all age-groups•Easy-to-understand language•Amazing illustrations•Colourful coverStories of Hanuman teach us how to keep a balance between strength and intelligence. This is a great book for the entire family to enjoy together. It is indeed an engaging way to keep children on the right path and teach them that one may be strong or powerful, but they must never lose their humility.

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