JoGenii Diwali Theme Gift Combo

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Sweet & Lite: Grand Bumper - All 4
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This Diwali immerse your child into the Diwali spirit with a choice of games and books based on the Ramayana. The four products in the combo have been curated to enhance various skills, values and enjoy screen-free time as a family or among siblings.

  • The Grand Bumper Diwali Combo: Get two games and two books
  • The Sweet & Lite Diwali Combo: Choose one game + one book

    Ages: 5+

    What are my options?

    Game One : Math-O-Rama

    Make children fall in love with maths while they learn about the great epic of Ramayan. Sounds super fun, isn’t it? 

    Math-o-Rama is an excellent epic based math game that cultivates Logical reasoning, Analytical thinking, Visual discrimination. It helps them observe the multiple ways of making numbers in their natural environment. This makes children love math as a subject instead of dreading it.

    Contents: 54 number cards, 14 special cards (Like Sita, Ram, Ravana, Laxman, etc). Instructions to play are included with the game.

    Story so FarRaga (who hearts Indian mythology) is tossing restlessly in her sleep. She’s dreaming that the ten headed demon Ravan is on the loose! He’s got only one head but with each passing minute he grows another. And every time he grows the tenth one, he gobbles up 100 people! How can she make sure that he does grow 10 heads and quickly get rid of him, once and for all


    Game Two: Epically Ramayana - Memory Matching Game for Kids based on Mythology by Devdutt Pattanaik

    Art and Story by none other than Devdutt Pattanaik. India's favourite mythologist who has written more than 60 books on Indian Mythology and its relevance in present day context. Need we say more??

    A fun filled engaging memory game kids can play alone or play together as a family. Make learning Ramayana fun for kids by matching illustrations of the famous characters (art cards) with their descriptions and the stories (story cards). 

    Contents: 64 Memory Cards - 32 Art Cards , 32 Story Cards, large size made with sturdy and thick high quality paper to last long. Easy for children to play and handle. Illustrations drawn by Devdutt Pattanaik himself. 


    Book One: Celebrate this Diwali with Ramayana

    Ramayana is the most important epic of ancient India. The bold, bright colors of this Indian Classical epic can depicts the freshness of each tale in the book has been written in a very lucid language accompanied by with eye-catching coloured illustration that adds to its beauty manifold.

    With all its exceptional features, with vibrant and expressive characters, this is a wonderfully inventive wrench on a classic tale. The book Ramayana is very motivating and knowledgeable for all. Wakeup Books have made a great effort to translate the ethical values of day to day life through interesting story-telling of this Ramayana book.


    Book Two: A De-Lightful Diwali

    In A De-Lightful Diwali, Dina, Dinku and their cousins Mimi and Mickey learn about the value of family. After the lights go out on Diwali and they can’t use technology to entertain themselves, they discover that they can still have lots of fun with their whole family. 


    • Importance of spending time with family 
    • Importance of occassionally disconnecting from technology 


    • A story
    • Intriguing questions
    • Stickers
    • One battery operated, safe diya
    • Two glitter paints 
    • Chocolate oreo ladoo recipe 


    Anything Else?

    Yup!! With purchase of any of the combos - Sweet & Lite or Grand Bumper Diwali - you will receive free printables from JoGenii on Diwali and Ramayana theme, encompassing mazes, word searches, activities etc to keep kids engaged a bit longer.


    All products Designed and Made in India.

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