JoGenii Play n Learn Games Combo - Vocabulary + Math

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The Play n Learn Games Combo consists of two card games - Write It + Half a Doodle

Write It - Fun vocabulary game

Half a Doodle - 

Write It

A quick-thinking, quicker writing, family-friendly vocabulary-based card game. Write it! It is incredibly simple. Each card has a combination of alphabets on it. List down as many words as possible which contain the alphabets in the same order. Any word is allowed.

Compare your word list with that of the other players. Strikeout common words and gain points for those words which no other player has written on their sheet!

Half a Doodle

The box includes international quality learning based card game with 48 attractive cards featuring various fractions and day-to-day objects, 1 story booklet featuring Shuiri.

Check video for How to Play instructions.

Skill Development: Half a Doodle is an excellent fraction learning tool; It cultivates cognitive development, creativity and out-of-box thinking in children. It improves their logical understanding of fractions and helps them identify them in their day-to-day observations and explorations. This game makes children love math as a subject instead of dreading it. The multiplayer mode of this game ensures that kids not only enjoy playtime but also bond with their friends and family while playing.


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