Jolly Blend Wheel

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Jolly Phonics Blend Wheel

Useful for building words, this clever, nesting wheel within a wheel has the overall appearance of a spiders web. The inner wheel (web) has beginning consonant and vowel combinations; outer wheel, ending blends/digraphs.
For instance, an inner be can be paired with an outer st, lt, nt, or nd. Each side of the device contains an inner and an outer wheel.

A cute little spider busily spins in the middle of the web.
The Jolly Phonics Blends Wheels will develop children’s awareness of initial and final consonant blends for reading and writing. The wheels are double-sided, so that initial consonant blends can be made on one side and final consonant blends on the reverse. The blends wheel come with an instruction sheet which provides tips and guidance on how the blend wheels can be used.

Content : 450 gsm spinner
Material : 450 GSM SHEET
Age Guidance : 3+ years
Product Dimension : 16 x 16 cm
Ships from Mumbai
Country Of Origin India

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