Coco Bear Keep Your Child Safe: Safety Book Set of 5 - English

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Brand - Coco Bear
Type - Bookset
Age - 2 to 7 Years
Total Number of Pages - 148
Language - English
Dimensions - L 20.32 x H 20.32 X B 2 cm
Binding - Paperback

- Set of 5 books covering all aspects of child safety and abuse prevention    
- Talk about "Good touch" and "Bad touch" in a comprehensive manner    
- Engaging content - in a comic book format and easy-to-read language.
- The book is a conversation between kids, without being preachy.    
- Filled with fun activities to keep children interested.   
- Helps parents start important conversations with their children about safety.    
This set of 5 books talk about 'Safety for Children' in detail. It is a tool that covers the entire gamut of topics related to the prevention of abuse in an engaging manner. Talk about "Good touch" and "Bad touch" in a comprehensive manner. The book also comes with many activities, questions and situations mapped out for a child's response. This helps parents gauge the child's understanding of the content and open up the dialogue further.  
Book 1 - UNDERSTANDING FEELINGS: This book helps kids recognize when they are feeling safe and unsafe. They are encouraged to trust their own feelings.  

Book 2- SAYING NO IS OKAY: This book helps kids learn about consent. It empowers them to say no when they feel unsafe.  

Book 3 - MY BODY BELONGS TO ME: This book talks about our private parts and the fact that the child is the boss of his own body.  

Book 4 - SECRETS AND SURPRISES: This book helps kids identify the difference between secrets and surprises. It encourages them not to keep secrets.  

Book 5 - TOO SMART FOR TRICKS: Stranger Danger is redefined in this book. Kids are warned that some adults could trick them. To prevent that, ground rules are established.  

This is a Set of 5 books - Books are not sold individually.

Items Included In Package: 5 books
Country of Origin: India

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