Keep your child safe: Body Safety Bookset

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Talk about "Good touch" and "Bad touch" in a comprehensive manner.

This set of 5 books talk about 'Safety for Children' in detail. It is a tool that covers the entire gamut of topics related to the prevention of abuse in an engaging manner. The book also comes with many activities, questions and situations mapped out for a child’s response. This helps parents gauge the child’s understanding of the content and open up the dialogue further.

Understanding Feelings:
This book helps kids recognise when they are feeling safe and unsafe. They are encouraged to trust their own feelings.
Saying No is Okay:
This book helps kids learn about consent. It empowers them to say no when they feel unsafe.
My Body Belongs to Me:
This book talks about our private parts and the fact that the child is the boss of his own body.
Secrets and Surprises:
This book helps kids identify the difference between secrets and surprises. It encourages them not to keep secrets.
Too Smart for Tricks:
Stranger Danger is redefined in this book. Kids are warned that some adults could trick them. To prevent that, ground rules are established.

This is a Set of 5 books - Books are not sold individually.
Book type: Soft bound
Book Size: 8 x 8 in (20.3 x 20.3 cm)
No of pages: 148 (in total, inclusive of the cover)
For ages: 2-7

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