Know International Cuisines

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Know International Cuisine:-
Want your child to learn Intl cuisine of 9 countries like Japan, France, Australia, Italy, Mexico , India, USA, Thai and Canada then this is the best pick.
Product Specifications: 
A fun board game with numerous activities to teach your child about foods around the world.

Know International Cuisine consists of a wooden board game with countries flag and Intl cuisines and different kinds of cuisine cut out ( 9 countries/72 cuisine cut out).

The game is completely made in India and does not contain any harmful or hazardous substance.

The game playfully educates children about different foods and Intl cuisines of 9 countries.
The game teaches your child about 72 cuisine of different countries.
Food Game is also helpful for your child to develop language skills.

How to Play:
The child needs to place the cut out of cuisine on the wooden board which has different cuisine written of it (9 countries cuisine).

5 to 12 years.

Package Details:
World cuisine puzzle – Wooden Board -10 by 10 by 2 mm
Wooden cut out of cuisine(72 numbers).
Food pyramid sheet – Rewritable which differentiates between carbs, protein and fibers .
The instructions are written on the respective games inside the jute bag.


Dimensions – 12x12 inches

Ships from – Indore, MP

Country of Origin - India

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