Montessori Large Movable Alphabet Box

Rs. 1,700


Montessori large moveable alphabet box is an important part of the Montessori curriculum to teach and practice phonetics.

The picture cards mixed with the lower case letters cards help in starting with beginning phonetic sounds , middle sounds abs end sounds.

As the child progresses the picture cards , letter cards and strips are used to form 3 letter words.

Parents and children can use this box to make phonetics fun and interesting.

Children can work with it independently with the control of error being the words of each picture given.

The blackboard finish lid with 4 lines help in writing and understanding how each letter is formed and written.

This is a comprehensive product for your child’s language practice in the Montessori way


  • 4X26 letter cards,
  • 34 Picture cards,
  • 34 word strip cards,
  • 4 Three letter word reading cards,
  • Assorted Colour Mix of Chalks

Dimensions: 18 X 12 Cms

Country of Origin: India

Ships from Kolkata, WB

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