Link It - Sentence & Story Making Game

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In this Sentence-making game, players must link different words with multiple themes and categories. All within a time limit. With more than 8 variation rounds to choose from, Link it! turns into a fun-for-everyone sort of game! So get ready for a ride that spans over 5000 sentences and stories!

While it all sounds fun (and it is), you're pushing your lateral thinking abilities by connecting absolutely random and unrelated objects and things into legitimate sentences! How do you connect the Taj Mahal to a Penguin & a Cake? Well, put on your thinking hats!

How to use/play:

  1. Pick a Card from each category. 
  2. Choose a variation
  3. Combine the cards into a sentence
  4. You also have Trivia Questions for every Word

So, why should you buy this?

  • 5 Themes - 8 Variation Rounds – 200 Words – 5000 sentences & stories
  • Exploring multiple possibilities by making sentences with a wide range of objects.
  • Boosts their creative thinking & lateral thinking abilities
  • An endless range of permutations & combinations keeps the game gripping for longer periods of time!
  • Perfect for the entire Family

Age: 6+ (adults too)

Content: 200 Link It Words Flash Cards


Country of Origin: India

Ships from Mumbai, MH


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