Little Collector’s Passport - Travel Scrapbook with Sticker Stamps and Flags of 48 Countries

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Little Collector’s Passport is an innovative kids travel scrapbook with stamps and flags stickers booklet through which parents can keep their children constructively engaged in different locations (flights/trains, restaurants, etc) while on holiday - to make a family's journey more enjoyable and memorable. It also helps in keeping kids engaged at home through learning about symbols of 48 countries across the world in fun way!

The interactive passport booklet will help children record their domestic/ international travel through collecting and pasting travel tokens (from coins to tickets) and drawing and writing their favourite experiences.
It is also a great way for parents to develop their children's observation, cognitive thinking and creative writing skills.

The passport booklet will help children in mapping their travel and learning about continents and states of India as well as recording their travel timelines to learn about the concept of months and year.
The passport comes along with a sticker booklet, which will help children learn about flags and stamps of 48 different countries across the world.
The passport (kids travel scrapbook) with stamps and flags sticker booklet are packaged in a small pouch, which is easy to carry in a backpack or purse.

Dimensions : 10 inch x 8 inch

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