Montessori Long Rods/ Sensorial Rods

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  • Long Stairs / Red Rods is a set of 10 rods that demonstrate a single change in dimension, i.e., the length.
  • While the height and width remain constant at 2.5cm, the length varies from 5 cm to 50cm.
  • The rods are red in colour (also called red rods). It is made with child friendly paint .
  • The aim of the red rods is to develop the sense of visual perception as well as muscular perception of length.
  • With regular usage a child learns on placing them in a sequence of long to short or vice versa. These rods also provide scope for enhancing child’s concentration as they try to differentiate from longest to shortest while trying to place or arrange them. A child also learns to map with the shortest rod. 
  • The visual discrimination which is evident will help in enhancing child’s logical thinking in arranging them.
  • It is also is an introduction to math language of short and long. While, child carries the rods, you can also see the coordination and movement refinement.

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Country of Origin: India

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