Magnetic Alphabet & Number Set

Rs. 1,099


This is a Magnetic alphabet set (A-Z) comes with a Magnetic catching felt Stick. These are made of felt and each alphabet has a magnet stitched to the felt. The size of the Alphabet is 3 inches.

Scope of Learning

  • Teach your kids all about Letters and Numbers
  • Spell Names, things or words etc.
  • Segregate letters on the basis of color
  • Learn numbers - Counting, Reverse counting, etc.
  • Use it as a Tracing Prop
  • Find items in the house starting with a letter "A" etc.
  • Use it with Flash cards and play Matching game

What You Get

  • A colorful set of 26 letters of the English Alphabet and Numbers from 0-9
  • With a Magnetic Catcher
  • A pouch to keep all the Letters and Numbers

(Color of letters and numbers would depend on the availability and may not be the exact same as shown in the picture)


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