Marbelled Play Dough (Organic and Taste safe)

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This is a festive pack of a box of 2 Dohdough where two colours are mixed in such a way that you get the best of both the colours and the glitter is the best and the most exciting part of the combination cause its 100% Taste-safe and Biodegradeable.

This is a perfect combination for a gift for the little ones at home who would be waiting for some cute gifts for the festivals.

*The shelf life is 3 months and After it is stored properly the life is upto 6 months.

How do you Care?

Always make sure you give appropriate quantity to play. As the quantity that Dohdough comes in (to save on your shipping and as well to get longer play life) is too much to play all at once.
Always use a Plastic mat/dinning table mat underneath to play. Newspaper will soak in all the oil and make it dry quickly.
Always cover the dough in airtight boxes and fit to size boxes so that the air doesn't let it dry out.

If you see signs of it getting dried i.e salt being crystallized on top then knead it with the help of little Kitchen oil and it will be fresh as new.
Material used : flour, oil, salt water and food grade colours. 
Ships from Bangalore
Country of Origin: India

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