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Bad weather, traffic, the languor of a heavy meal, an annoying power-cut or whatever it is that keeps your brood cooped up indoors, is not such a bad thing when you have this small pack of cards to work its magic on you! Conceived and designed by young mothers at Big Little Things, MASHED is good, clean fun for all ages. The concept of the game is so straightforward that even a 4-year-old can grasp it in a single go. And the topping on the cake is that the cards have been designed tastefully with catchy colors and quirky pictures that make them visually appealing for everyone.

So when you have a listless group of people looking for entertainment on a lazy Sunday afternoon, huddle them around a table or mat and unpack this small box of fun. No matter how old, or how fatigued each of you in the group is, this game will soon turn you into a noisy, jostling bunch of kids, filled to the brim with excitement.

Playing Mashed develops concentration, improves diction, activates your reflexes, and relieves stress. So, what are you waiting for? Get this dopamine booster and build bonds so strong & tight that even those famed Fevicol bonds will shy away in envy.

Benefits of the Game :

  • Develops Concentration
  • Improves Diction
  • Activates reflexes
  • Relieves Stress
  • Fosters bonding &
  • Enlivens a get together!

How to Play

  • This set of cards contains 53 cards with any of 4 pictures - a Dino, a unicorn, a paint can or a candy. There are also a few special cards in the pack (a monkey/ crocodile/ seal)
  • Divide the cards equally between all the players.
  • Each player takes turns to say out aloud the words Dino, Unicorn, Paint, and Candy while dropping one of his/her cards face up in the center.
  • If the card a player puts down matches with the word he/she has just uttered, then everyone scrambles to cover the cards in the center.
  • Whoever is the last to cover the cards has to pick all the cards in the center
  • If a player puts down a special card, then he/she and the others must do an action that corresponds to the card - act like the monkey or clap like the seal or chomp like the crocodile
  • The player who is the first to finish off his/her cards wins while the one with the most cards at the end loses

Number of players : 2 or more

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