Math Kit- Cards and Counter

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A Montessori comprehensive math kit which grows with the child as they progress in mathematics. This kit includes:
1. Wooden numericals - Tactile impression of the number is understood by the child.
2. Number Cards- The number cards come with tracing arrow indicators to show how the number is to b written, hence helps in tactile impression formation.
3. Quantity Cards- The Quantity Cards help in the abstract understanding of number quantity and is a control of error, as at the end it all needs to be matched correctly.
4. Quantity Cards in the Tens Frame- Ten Frames are used by techers to help children to visualise numbers. This is great tool to use when teaching them how to  count between 0 and 10 or use coloured counters to teach them simple additions and number to 10.

Step 1- Introduce the Number Cards.
Step 2 - Introduce the wooden numericals for matching, simultaneously introduce the quantity card of that particular number so that children understand that this number is the symbol for this quantity.
Step 3 - Slowly Introduce the counters. 

Country of Origin: India
Ships from Kolkata, WB

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