Milky Foamy Crunchy Slime Kit. Make 5 types of slime

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Make your own Slime at home with the Milky Foamy Crunchy Slime Kit ! Mix and match the White glue and borax to get the right squishy slime.

Kids aged 6 years and older can perform these experiments and learn some basic concepts in polymer or slime science. With this kit, your child can make 5 types of slime:

  • Milky Slime
  • Crunchy Slime
  • Foamy Slime
  • Rainbow Color Unicorn Slime
  • Balloon Slime

You can also get creative with the foam balls and create your own type of slime.

The kit contains all the required slime supplies – Activators ( Borax), White Glues, Colors etc - sufficient to make atleast 10 slimes . Also included a measuring beaker, spatula, mixing bowls and much more to perform all the experiments in the kit.

The kit also contains a detailed manual and video tutorial on YouTube for the experiments.

Perfect for Birthday gifts for girls and boys.

‘Yucky Science’ science kits are a series of fun science experiments conceptualized by Zlife Education.

The ‘Milky Foamy Crunchy Slime Kit of Yucky Science contain all the ingredients and tools that can make slime! This kit is a beginner’s kit for exploring their interest in science. Through the experiments, kids can build their curiosity and improve their hands-on skills. The experiments will introduce kids to the world of polymers. The kids can learn the properties of polymers while they perform the experiments. It is a fun and innovative approach to introduce your child to science. All the experiments are safe . However, adult supervision is preferred.

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