Money book plus coin stacker Combo

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Money book helps your child to increase interest in learning subjects maths with the concept of money and also enables the habit of saving money in the child . It will also develop your child's skills in Math.
We all know that in our modern world science is very important, and science is dependent on Math. The knowledge in Math will increase by doing activities in this book. Money Book covers all aspects from knowledge of coins and notes of India to Budgeting, Recognition of coins and notes , Combo shopping , Relevance of forts that are shown on each note of Indian currency. The board game coin stacker gives children experiential learning about coins.

The book comes with 3 board games and 1 certificate for the child and covers all abouts Indian coins and Notes and how they use the currency on a daily basis.

3 -7 yrs.

This book has several types of benefits. These are the following:
  • The child learns recognition of notes and coins.
  • This book will help develop Math skills such as addition, subtraction with the understanding concept of money.
  • Hand, eye coordination skills will develop for your child by playing the game which comes along with the book.
  • The child learns to budget for this with the actual money he/she has.
  • Relevance of forts on notes
  • How to write words and amount in numerals and English form.
  • Concept of lesser /Greater than and equal to in money .
  • Decoding and coding of money in terms of name .
  • Concept of enough money
  • How much money there in the bank?
  • Learn and understand the concept of money via fun play through board games.
  • Coin maze to drive problem solving skills in children .
  • Connecting appropriate money to piggy banks in turns drives saving habits in children .
This book comes with three board games and a certificate to motivate the child.
Country of India: India

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