Chalk and Chuckles Monkey Expressions Preschooler Feelings Puzzle

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Monkey Expressions- Show what you feel and why is a magnetic puzzle that helps children identify emotions and express or communicate their feelings.

Contains: 1 wooden box + 15 Magnetic pieces( 5 eye pieces+ 5 mouth pieces+ 5 thought bubbles) Ages 3 to 6; Players 1 or more

DISCOVERY TOOL- a perfect puzzle to add to your collection of feelings books for toddlers! Children manipulate the eyes and mouth pieces to make expressions-happy, sad, angry, surprised or scared.
EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE- Kids often don't know-Why they feel shy or nervous? Why they can't control their mood? Or why they are both sad and mad? Our puzzle helps kids talk about feelings and build social-emotional skills-empathy for success in life.
CREATIVE PLAY- Ask kids to copy, name and mimic the Monkeys Moods. Use the situation thought bubbles to make stories. Discuss the connection between emotions and facial expressions.
ENGAGING & EDUCATIONAL- A fun, interactive emotion game- identify & recognise. Expands language, communication and social skills. Boosts confidence.
PERFECT GIFT- Solid construction with chunky magnetic pieces. No reading required-a favourite with parents. Great for screen-free play. Age 2+ years old for boys and girls

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