Monster Jumble

Rs. 550



Name Of The Product: Monster Jumble.

Difficulty Level: Easy to medium.

Age: 6-10 years.

Product Material:
1. Monster jumble comes on a ten by the 10-inch wooden board with customizing dice and some monsters’ flashcards to play the game and win.

1. This game is an excellent entertainment source for kids to not only play but also learn something from it.
2. From this game, they learn discipline and use their mental skills to improve their skills.
3. It also increases observation skills by coordinating between eyes and hands.
4. It is an excellent way for kids to connect.

How To Play:
1. First, kids have to place three stacks of monsters in the squares given in the middle of the game.
2. Then they roll the dice, move their pieces, and land on a spot where they have to pick cards from the piles in the center of the board.
3. If there is no card at any point, they can pick from the next pile, finish the game by putting all the monster cards, and see who has filled the highest to decide the winner.

Packing And Items Included:
You get three items in the game, such as:

A wooden board game.
One customized dice.
Flashcards of monsters to play the game.

Material Used : Wood 

Dimensions : 10 by 10 inch

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