Movable Alphabets Cursive - Montessori

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Movable alphabet are an excellent aid to begin word formation. A must have pre-writing exercise.Movable Alphabet Cursive is a set of alphabet cut-outs includes 5 each of the consonants in pink color and 10 each of the vowels in blue color in English Cursive font.
These precisely cut letters are packed in a beautiful wooden with the bottom of the wooden box printed with the letters.

An equivalent activity would be for the child to place the correct letters in the correct partition by matching the letter cut out to the printed letter on the bottom of the box.

A wooden partitioned box with the letters printed on the bottom of the box. Box comes with 10 each of the vowels of the English Cursive font painted blue and 5 each of the consonants of the English cursive font.

For use in both home and preschools.

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