Multi-Sensory Kit (with safe dough)

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MULTI-SENSORY Kit- this a Tropical Themed Play kit with Multi Sensorial Activities which start from 2 to upto 7 years of age. 5 colours of Doh-dough and A Child safety Scissor. Early Learning Educators give a lot of importance for cutting and the first medium is always a Playdough. There are 21 cutting pattern practice sheets to establish cutting using different medium.

It also has wooden stamps cohesive to the tropical theme to make patterns and block print. Sudoku and Tic-tac-toe in 2 levels to sharpen logical thinking which can be introduced at the around 3.8-4 years of age. And the most important and intersting part is the "Feeling Vocabulary" activity card where the child can make and express how it feels and a lot of feelings can be thought like disappointment, unamused and happy.

Material used  : flour, oil, salt water and food grade colours. 

Box Contents
this kit contains: 500 gms of tatse-safe certified Doh-dough (100gms of each colour), a child safe scissor 21 cutting practice sheets, 2 wodden stamps, 3 play cards for sudoku, emotions card and tic-tac-toe and a rollin pin. Instuctions card and paper and a Laminatd play box to play in or play on.
Product Dimensions : 21*21*5.5 cm 

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