My Gulmohar Tree

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“Fascinated by the flower, Abdu went running to his mother STOMP STOMP STOMP and asked excitedly, "Mumma, which flower is this? His mom replied, "Abdu, this is the flower of the most beautiful tree in the world - the Gulmohar tree. When I was a child, I would gaze at its deep red flowers for hours together from my bedroom window...

You know Abdu, this tree has many names. It is known as the Flame tree as its bright orange-red flowers resemble the colour of fire. It is also called the Peacock Flower tree as 'Gul' means flower and 'Mohr' means peacock. Isn't that interesting?”

My Gulmohar tree is a real-life story that will make children fall in love with trees and greens (vegetables) and inculcate values of respecting nature and protecting our environment.
Children will also become observant of Nature and learn about other concepts, such as Nurture, Living, Giving, Seasons and Greens while reading the story.

Dimensions : 14 inch x 9.5 inch

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