Nesting Hen

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With this highly engaging toy, children get a chance to think of creative ways to balance eggs on the back of the hen. This augments fine motor skills and improves dimension awareness, thus developing their concentration levels.

For the very young child, this toy starts as a nesting activity where the child just nests the eggs within then the child also fixes the hen on the base initially and uses the egg pieces for creative designs. At the next level, as the child gets older, this toy provides ample challenges for stacking the egg pieces on the back of then this extremely challenging activity can keep the child creatively engaged for long periods of time .

Age Guidance :3-4YRS

Skills : Spatial awareness, Imagination, Motor Skills, Early Learning, Colours & Shapes, Fine Motor Skills, Creativity & Imagination.

Content : Set includes a nest shaped base, a wooden hen, 5 concentric ovals representing the eggs and a detailed instruction manual all packed in an elegant Skola Doodle box.

Material : Wood

Product Dimension : 19x14.5x15.5cms

Ships from Bangalore , KA

Country of Origin India

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