Noun - Person, place, animal and things sorting activity

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Learning proper grammar is important because it is the language that makes it possible for us to effectively talk about language. Nouns are an important part of speech in English. It is difficult to say much without using a noun. There are several different types of English nouns. It is often useful to recognize what type a noun is because different types sometimes have different rules. This activity helps the child understand the different types of noun like person, place , animal and things.

How to play - Child need to pick up a cutout and identify whether it is a person, place, animal or thing and place it on the respective mat.

Skills acquired - Creativity, general knowledge

Age Guidance - 3.5 year+

Box Contents4 laminated mats and 32 laminated cutouts

Materials UsedThick lamination

Dimensions - 
Mats is A5 size and cutouts is 1.8 inch by 1.8 inch

Keep in dry area and avoid contact with water.

Manufactured in India

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