Number Rods

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The Number rods visually and conceptually helps the child to understand concept of mathematics.  The child literally understands what the numbers mean. Example, what does the number symbol 1 means and number symbol like 10 means. Like 1 is this small and how big is number 10. They are able to compare the quantity and understand numbers and math better. 

The numbers rods are also used for Addition and Subtraction. Number rods are best to teach addition and subtraction concepts visually. A child can understand addition concept by putting the two rods together. Example, you can put the 1 rod and 3 rod together and the child counts the rods and understand 1+3 makes 4. Subtraction can be done in same way. 



  • The material consists of ten wooden rods, divided into units by alternating colours of red and blue, progressing in ten equal steps from 3cm to 30cm.
  • The Number Rods introduce the child to quantity 1-10 and their corresponding number names. Through exploration with the material


  • Improves mathematical skills
  • Improves Cognitive Skills

Age: 2 - 4 Years


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