Orchard Toys - Times Tables Heroes

Rs. 1,900


Learn 2 to 12 times tables with this award-winning superhero board game! Players must spin the spinner and solve multiplication sums to move around the board. But they will have to defeat some evil unicorns and outwit zombies along the way. Alternatively, players may turn over the board for a fast-paced game of Multiplication Bingo, to boost their mental math skills. With two games in one, your little ones will double their learning, and have twice the fun! Times Tables Heroes also features a colorful checker, which can be used with or outside the game, to extend your little ones’ learning.

Includes: 1 jigged double-sided board, 21 shield cards, 4 character playing pieces, 4 character stands, 3 spinner boards, 3 two-part plastic spinners, 1 times table checker, 4 superhero reference cards, Instruction leaflet

Recommended Age: 6-9 years

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