Phonics Pebbles (Set of 64 stones)

Rs. 5,499


A great learning resource, Phonics Pebbles can be used in many ways to support early phonics teaching. Make learning truly hands-on with this phonics pebble set, ideal for introducing letters and their sounds! Develop letter recognition, word-building, and blending. Comes along with helpful e-Learning Phonics Activity guide for Phase-wise phoneme recognition and blending and segmenting. Very appealing to children’s natural instincts to sort and collect, these tactile pebbles can be used in sand, water and soil. They are durable and weatherproof, so are ideal for use outdoors, and they will not fade over time.


Each set contains 64 pebbles covering the 44 phonemes. Each pebble is engraved with a grapheme. Size between 30 - 45mm

Product Dimensions : 20cm x 10cm x 6cm (LxWxH)


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