Mystery Bedsheet - Game of 11 Mysteries with 500 combinations on a Bedsheet

Rs. 1,900


11 missing treasures. Hundreds of clues. Can you find them all?

Can I Get a Holmes in the Home is the worlds first interactive, realtime, open-ended, solve-it-like-you-see-it mystery game!

Accompanied by a set of clue cards, each object in the house has its own card and a clue along with it. You must find the missing objects by finding, connecting, and solving the clues!

How to Use:

  • Spot the clue, read the corresponding clue card and decide what to do next!
  • Find more clues, make connections with previously found clues till you eventually find the missing objects!

So, why should you buy this?

  • Lateral thinking by decoding & making connections
  • Spotting the odd one outs by looking for tiny, hidden clues.
  • Open-ended play that gives you the freedom to make your own patterns to solve the mystery.
  • Makes for a great bonding experience which brings the entire family together

Go hunting around the house spotting clues and connections to solve each of the 11 mysteries!

Ages: 7 -12

Material - Supreme & Fine Cotton.

Contents - Bedsheet + Clue Cards

Size - Single Bedsheet (60*90 inches)


Country of Origin: India

Ships from Mumbai, MH

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