Racetrack- pretend play for Car Racers

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Product Details
• Racing Game Players can play race with their favorite ANIMAL/ CAR.
• A Fun game and can be played by all
• Age 3+

About Product
• 2/3/4 Player Game
• Ask Player to select one colour each
• Players place their ANIMAL/ CAR on the selected colour track
• 1st player will throw the dice and move ahead basis number shown on dice
• Same way all players will take turns
• Twist (Back to Start,Miss a turn etc) are mentioned on the blocks of respective colours
• Game will continue till 1st player reaches at the Finish Block
• 1st Block is the Starting Block andLast Block is the Finish Block

Helpful for Child
• Builds teamspirit
• Encourage children to be competitive
• Enhance their confidence
• Helps in building their patience level
• Learn to take actions

Product Dimensions :  6 foot by 2.5 foot

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