Rainbow Rice - Sensory Rice

Size: 2 KG
Rs. 900



Rainbow rice, is an open ended “toy” is designed to encourage children to manipulate and explore materials, building up their fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. This kind of play engages the child as they use all senses, with the sense of touch/feeling dominating over others.

Sensory play is unstructured and open-ended which means children can explore all they want without rules or limitations. This will help them with their imaginative, creativity and critical thinking.

Develops language skills as when they play, they would be experimenting with their language, trying new words and even make different sound effects.

Rainbow rice comes in a set of five colours, we offer you two pack sizes to choose from according to your need.

Material: Sona Masoori Rice, Food Color

Contents: 6 packs of coloured rice

Country of Origin: India

Ships from Bengaluru. Expect delays in shipping due to lockdown restrictions.

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