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Sorting basd activity game 

Educational fun and creative game 

how to recycle and “what goes where”.

Swach Bharat

4 Different sorting





introduce Recycling concept 

Enviornmental game

• Recommended Age : 3+

32 tokens for sorting (with pictures)

4 garbage box (glass,plastic,compost,paper)

How to Play

Arrange all the Garbage box in a row

Put all the tokens face down on the table.

Each player picks up one random token and decides which bin to place it into.

 Correct answers get one point, and the person with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Child learns what things go in which trash 

Never, never, never litter!

Landfills - Recycling materials means less trash and saves space in dumps and landfills.

Resources - When we use materials again, this means we can take fewer resources from the Earth.

Pollution - In general, recycling materials can produce less pollution helping to keep our environment clean.

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