Rekenrek Counting Frame (2 rows, 20 beads)

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This Rekenrek Counting Frame features two rows of two different coloured plastic beads that easily slide back and forth on metal rods. A Rekenrek is an arithmetic frame designed to help children visualize addition and subtraction strategies. Children focus their learning on groups of 5 or groups of 10 up to 100. Rekenreks are ideal for building number sense. They provide children with a concrete, physical object to help develop and deepen their understanding of numbers. Children build a strong sense of 5 and 10, learning about the relationships among numbers and operations along the way. Also referred to as 'Math Rack' and 'Rekenrek Abacus

How to play : To begin, hold Rekenrek such that the red beads are on the left and white beads are on the right (remember: 'white is right'). Place all beads on the right side. Then move beads to left as required. For example, for number 4, you will move 4 red beads on the top row to the left.

- Use them to teach basic counting
- Use them to teach subitizing (e.g. 8 = set of 5 + 3, rather than counting 8 individually)
- For addition, e.g. 11 = entire row of 10 and 1 more
- For subtraction, e.g. 8 = entire row of 10 and 2 less
- Use one row to build fluency till ten (composing & decomposing numbers till ten)
- Use both rows to build fluency till twenty (composing & decomposing numbers till twenty)

Age Guidance : 3+ yrs

Material :  Plastic Frame, Plastic Beads on metal rods. No sharp edges, no choking hazard.

Content : Plastic frame with two rows of 10 beads each, with each row comprising 5 red and 5 white beads. (Total 20 beads in the frame)

Product Dimension : 25cm x 7cm x 7cm (LxWxH)


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