Reusable Chalk Board Drawing Table Mats, Set of 3 Mats (Includes 10 Colored Chalks)

Rs. 499


Keep your kids engaged colouring and doodling on these fun-filled chalkboard mats. Carry them with you in the car, during your travels, or use them at home any time. Reduce Screen Time with this hands-on activity!

  • REUSABLE CHALK BOARD DRAWING MATS are a great way to engage your kids for hours.
  • * CONTENTS: Set of 3 Mats on Animals Letters Underwater Numbers Shapes and Dinosaurs, Includes one Blank Mat and Pack of 10 Dust Free Chalks
  • * AGES: 3-7 year old boys and girls;
  • SKILLS: Enhances gross-motor skills, Improves visual-spatial coordination, Heightens creativity, Improves visual perception
  • * TRAVEL FRIENDLY - Carry these along in the car or during your travels to keep your kids busy colouring and doodling!
  • * GREAT RETURN GIFT and BIRTHDAY GIFT for kids birthday parties.

Contents: 3 Table Mats including one blank mat, Pack of Chalks

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