Safe and unsafe touch flashcards

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As much as parents try to keep their children safe by being present with them, they cannot be there with the children at all times. So, to make children capable enough to face the good and bad sides of the world, we must empower them with all the essential information.

In today’s age, we must teach our children the differentiation between good touch and bad touch. Children have to be made to understand about the various touches they will experience. An unwanted touch is not limited to physical abuse. It is any touch that makes the child uncomfortable; even if you as a parent might think it is not harmful.

These flashcards will ensure that kids get a clear idea about good and bad touch and also they will learn about safe and unsafe secrets.

How to play - Kids/parent can read out the cards and kids can place tick and cross undertsanidng what is right and what is wrong.

Skills acquired - 2 years plus

Age Guidance -

Box Contents 15 flashcards; 15 safe secret cards; 2 colouring cards; 1 crayons; 1 tick; 1 cross

Materials Used – 

Dimensions - 3.5 inch by 5.5 inch

Keep in dry area and avoid contact with water.

Manufactured in India

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