Sandpaper Letters Lower Case

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Children's sense of touch is very sharp in Early Years and they love the sense of feeling objects and textures. Tracing leads to building a muscle memory of the shape of the letter, which is a more effective way to learn than by seeing and saying. That's what makes this toy so special as children are guided by parents to trace, mimic and associate letter shapes with sounds

By tracing over the textured letters with their fingers, children begin to associate symbols or letter shapes to the sounds which sets the base for reading and initiates them in the pre-writing stage. This simple fine motor skill activity enhances their sense of texture as well. An ancient technique, that uses visual, muscular, auditory and textural senses, all reinforcing alphabet shape and sound

Set includes 26 wooden cards with sandpaper letters pasted on them, red cards for consonants & blue for vowels, a wooden tray for stacking the cards, a detailed instruction manual

Size of tray with cards: 16.5 cm x 12 cm x 11 cm

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