Save the earth - Difficult Sudoku

Rs. 600



Difficulty Level: Difficult

Suit For:
It aims at educating children, along with giving them the fun of playing a game.

Age: 3-8 years.

Product Material:
It includes 1 wooden Sudoku, with cut-outs that contains some missing pieces which player have to put in the empty spaces in a way such that each object comes only once in row and column.
The child will also educate himself/ herself about how one can save our planet earth.

A fun and interactive way of improving the abilities of children, this game also increases their attention span, reduces stress level, and develops problem-solving abilities.
They also get an idea of how to save our planet Earth.

How to Play:
The benefits of playing the puzzle are diverse, like- improving memory, concentration, analyzing capability, and promoting a healthy mindset, and reducing anxiety and stress.

Packing And Items Included:
The game comes in an environment-friendly jute bag which contains 1 wooden Sudoku board and cut outs to map it.

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