Senorita | Plush Toy

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"Senorita is the perfect cuddle partner for your little one. This cute little bunny doll can brighten the day with her presence. Studies have found that doll play activates parts of the brain that allow children to develop empathy and social information processing skills, even when they were playing alone.

Senorita is an amigurumi doll, designed with an easily to remove skirt for easy cleaning and maintenance. You can also make outfits for Dolly to match with your child’s on his/her day out.

Suitable for: All Ages, All Genders
Material: Cotton Thread & Polyfill
Weight < 200 gm
Suitable for: All Ages & Genders.

Ships from - Bangalore, KN 

Ships in - 1-2 days 

Country of origin - India 


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