Sensory Quiet Book For Preschoolers - Personalization Available

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Quiet Book, the signature product of Little Aana, encourages imaginative play that imparts concepts, fine motor skills, imagination, logical thinking, concentration, and creative skills!   This particular book covers following activities: 

This is the first page. Kids can learn seven colors of the rainbow and their order. They can also learn the concept of water lifecycle.

Page 2:
Magnetic fishing is the favorite game of all children!
It contains 5 marine inhabitants and a fishing rod.

Page 3:
Flowers are numbered in the sequence such that bee follow the correct path to collect pollen and bring it back to the hive.

Page 4:
How about teaching buttoning, shapes and concept of big and small to your children in more practical way!

Page 5:
Shoe lacing is one the best fine motor activity!

Page 6:
While seating felt birds on tress, your baby will easily master the differences in sizes, look and feel of each bird closely.

Page 7:
Kids have to match the number of cherries to number written on cake.

Page 8:
This is the best way to start introducing two/ three letter words to your children.

Page 9:
Improve your child’s fine motor skills with activities like buckling, buttoning and zipping.

Page 10:
Vegetable garden for toddlers! Isn’t this very practical way of introducing the concept of root vegetables!

Page 11:
A great way to learn different modes of transportation (Air, Land, Water). Child has to identify the object and place it at the right mode of transportation.

Page 12:
Let your child wear the family puppets on their little fingers and aksing rhymes and me stories.

Product Dimensions : 25X25X1 cm 

Material Used: Premium Quality Felt

Country of Origin: India

Ships from Surat, GJ

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