Skill Booster-Logic Edition (6-8 years age)

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An Activity Box that inspires creativity, critical thinking and boosts IQ.


It Helps your child think outside the box, become an independent thinker and a problem solver.


This box contains 50+ fun-filled and engaging activities for all round brain development. With repeated exposure, it will help you develop reasoning, vocabulary, mathematical skills and concentration.


Researched & Developed by Educational Experts with 35+ years of experience.


What goes inside each box?

1. Crossword Puzzles
2. Decoding/Cracking The Code Activities
3. Logic Puzzles - which has Logic Puzzle Solution Mats, Counters Of
‘Nots(X) ’ & ‘dots(0)’
4. Matchstick Puzzles
5. Visual Discrimination Activities -which has Long Activity Cards
6. Find What Is Wrong Activity Sheets
7. Find The Differences Activity Sheets
8. Find The Hidden Words Activity Sheets
9. Look For Hidden Pictures Activity Sheets
10. Silly Riddle Cards - Deck Of 10 Cards
11. Math Puzzle Cards - Deck Of 20 Cards
12. Word Games (that can be played with letter tiles)
•Modified Perquackey
• Alphabetical Order Game
•Word within a Word Game
• Rhyming Word
• Anagrams
14. Tangram - Tangram Blocks, Tangram Booklet

Key Learning Areas

  • - Critical Thinking
  • - Vocabulary
  • - Reasoning
  • - Visual Discrimination
  • - Mathematical Skills
  • - Concentration
  • - Brain Development

Comes with a Fully Enabled App For Parents

  • To easily access the solutions, and hints needed to perform the activities.

Country of Origin: India

Ships from Indore, MP

Expect delay in shipments due to strict lockdown in M.P.


ClassMonitor is a home learning kit for Parents with young kids aged between 1.5 to 5.5 years. This learning kit is a one-time purchase annual kit where all the learning material needed for the entire year comes packed in a single box. The kit is an addendum to curriculum learning and is aimed at enhancing a child’s personality and making him a quick learner. The one-time subscription also includes the access to the ClassMonitor Learning Application which is a digital guide meant for parents on how, what, when and why of teaching their children at home.

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