Slime and Craft Clear Glue (Pack of 3, 100 ml Each Bottle)

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Yucky Science Clear Glue is Perfect for Slime Making, Craft Activities, Paper , Cloth and School Projects. Each Bottle makes approximately 4 batches of Slime.

The clear glue allows you to add all kinds of fun things in the slime like glitter, sequins, you name it! Add any color food coloring you want to this to have the perfect color slime every time.

The Color is Clear and can be used to make Clear Slime, Glitter Slime, Galaxy Slime, Marmaid Slime, Colored Slime.

There 2 Recipes to make Slime

  1. Using Yucky Science Slime Activator Liquid Plus
  2. Contact Lens + Baking Soda.

Safe, Non-Toxic, and Washable – Conforms to EU 71-3 Safety norms for Children.

For Age 3 years and Above.

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