Slime Madness - Make 5 Types of Slime with Borax

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Dip your hands and get messy with the Slime Madness box! Mix and match the chemicals to get the right squishy slime.

Kids aged 6 years and older can perform these experiments and learn some basic concepts in polymer science.

With this kit, your child can make 5 types of slime:

  • Yucky Slime
  • Galaxy Glitter Slime
  • Coloured Slime
  • Candy Slime
  • Alien Slime

You can also get creative with the colours, glitter, googly eyes and create your own type of slime.

The kit contains all the required chemicals sufficient to make a litre of slime & tools including a measuring beaker, spatula, mixing bowls and much more to perform all the experiments in the kit.

The kit also contains a detailed manual and video tutorial on YouTube for the experiments.

‘Yucky Science’ is a series of fun science experiments conceptualized by Zlife Education.

The ‘Slime Madness’ box of Yucky Science contain all the ingredients and tools that can make slime! This kit is a beginner’s kit for exploring their interest in science. Through the experiments, kids can build their curiosity and improve their hands-on skills. The experiments will introduce kids to the world of polymers. The kids can learn the properties of polymers while they perform the experiments. It is a fun and innovative approach to introduce your child to science. All the experiments are safe and non hazardous.

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