Ultimate Slime Kit for Kids Glitter, Fluffy & Unicorn and Make 20+ Slimes. Age 4 Years and Above (Multicolour)

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Make over 20+ Slimes at Home. From Mixing to making - the Ultimate Slime Making kit Gitter and Fluffy – includes everything for kids age 4 years and above to make their favorite slime at home.

Mix and match the glue and slime activator liquid to get the right squishy and glittery slime.Make Galaxy, Glitter, Mermaid, Rainbow, Unicorn and Color Slimes. Kids aged 4 years and older can perform these experiments and learn some basic concepts in polymer or slime science. Kit

Contains 21 Items : 2 Clear Glue Bottles (100 ml Each) , 1 White Glue Bottles (100 ml Each) , 3 Slime Activator Liquid Plus Bottles (50 ml Each) ,3 Color Glitter Tubes, 6 Water Colors, 2 Slime Storage and Mixing Cups,2 Foam Balls Packets ( 1 White, 1 Color), 1 Spatula, 1 Instruction Manuals.

‘Yucky Science’ slime and science kits are a series of fun science experiments conceptualized by Zlife Education.

Product Dimensions : 22*15*7 cm

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