Slime Making Supplies Pack of 3 Bottles Slime & Craft Clear Glue (100 ml Each Each) + 1 Bottle Slime Activator Liquid Plus Clear (200 ml). Make 20+ Slimes

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Yucky Science Slime Making Supplies Kit. Make 20+ Slimes - Contains Pack of 3 Bottles Clear Glue (100 ml Each) + 1 Bottle Slime Activator Liquid plus (200 ml, Clear). Make large quantities of Slime at home with this big slime kit Supplies Pack. The Clear glue allows you to add all kinds of fun things in the slime like glitter, sequins, you name it! Add any color food coloring you want to this to have the perfect color slime every time. The Color is Clear and can be used to make Clear Slime, Glitter Slime, Fuffy, Mermaid Slime, and Colored Slime. Liquid plus is a Slime activator solution. It works with most PVA Craft Glues (White and Transparent. It replaces contact lens solution, borax and baking soda. Shake the Bottle vigorously for 3-5 Seconds before use. Once ready simply add 2-4 tea spoons of activator to the Glue (20 ml/.67 oz) one at a time and mix with a Stirring Stick for 45 Seconds every time. Add a few drops in the end to make the slime to your liking. Your Slime will be ready to play with in no time. Get Perfect Slime Every Time. Yucky Science Activator formula makes sure that you get great results every time. It’s designed with Keeping Kids in Mind. Safe, Non-Toxic, and Washable-Conforms to EU 71-3 Safety norms for Children. For Age 3 years and Above

Contains : 3 Bottles Clear Glue (100 ml Each) ,1 Bottle Slime Activator Liquid plus (200 ml Each, Clear) . Perfect for making 20+ of Slimes at home.

Product Dimensions : 18*10*9 cm


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