Smartivity Xenobotz - Wreck-It-Saurus

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Smartivity Xenobotz - Wreck-It-Saurus:

Whirr .CLICK! Thump .Whirr .Using the fun and clear instruction booklet, construct a 4-Legged Walking Robot - Wreck-It-Saurus.Arrange the obstacles, load the Bot with balls, switch the Bot ON and watch it wreck the obstacles.What's more! Rearrange it's legs to change your Bot's walking style. Make it skate, make it hop, make it walk in styles unseen.Using the Learn and Explore section, makers will tinker and explore the concepts of Gear-Train, various Walking Mechanisms of 4-legged creatures and the mechanics of Drop-Cam mechanism.

Dimension : 33 cm x  5 cm x 25 cm

Country of Origin : India

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