Soar High My Butterfly | Mini Quiet Book

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This is a Mini Quiet Book 15*15 Cms. Each activity is specially designed for small aged Kids . This is made of 100% Cotton fabric , Good Quality Felt and Completely Machine Stitched. This Quiet Book is good sensory Toy for the kids helping to develop the Fine Motor skills, Form and Color Identification & Build Imagination and Practical life skills.


Cover Page- It has A Bead to Move from one Butterfly Hole to another Hole . This activity strengthen Fine Motor Skills.

1st Page- A child can learn about Different colors and see themselves in the Mirror. Each Felt Petal have a Button Underneath to play a Memory game.

2nd Page- This Activity is good for introducing Brushing Habit. They can pretend Play while brushing Bunny's Teeth.

3rd Page- They learn Button/ Unbutton thing with These Jumbo Sized Buttons.

4th Page- learn How to Buckle your Belt. Also, This Book have Primary shapes to learn and Match .

Back Page- This Page has a Zipper to Keep the Toothpaste and Brush . learn how to Zip/Unzip.

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