Spell Buzz Spelling Game (92 Words Game)

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Inspired from the Spelling-Bee competitions popular in the U.S.A, Spell-Buzz helps children practice the spelling of 92 different words. All the words range from 3-8 letters and are written on thick, colourful, flying-bees made from cardboard. Ideal for group activities at home or school, this game helps children boost their knowledge while enhancing their interpersonal skills through social play. Pull out a bee with a word on it, spell it right and collect it! Beware of the Buzz bees that sting you to make you lose the game!


  • Boosts knowledge
  • Improves interpersonal skills through social play
  • Enhances memory and cognitive skills
  • Builds self-esteem

Age: 5-7 years

Playtime: 20-25 minutes

Number of players: 1-10


  • 100+ brightly-coloured flying-bee pieces
  • The joy of a toy
Ships from New Delhi

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