Desi Toys Spot n Snap Card Game for Kids & Family

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Spot n Snap is a matching symbol game which helps in increasing concentration and sharpening visual recognition skills. So get ready to explore incredible India themed card game where each player has to match icons according to the category cards. All one needs is a sharp eye and speed to win the game. A perfect game to be enjoyed with friends and family!

HOW TO PLAY: 1) Distribute the 48 playing cards equally among the players. 2) Players start by flipping over their individual pile and one card from the category pile. 3) Then they will identify the category card and try to find the icon of the same category in their playing cards. 4) Continue playing until all your playing cards are over. Player with the maximum category cards is the winner.

Dimension & Content - 72 Game cards each of 3 inches diameter and 1 Play Rule Pamphlet

Age & Gender -  5 Years to 99 Years; Gender Neutral

Benefits - SKILLS DEVELOPED:  Concentration, Visual Recognition, Social Skills and Hand Eye coordination- SUPERIOR QUALITY & SAFETY: BIS Lab tested with ISI marking.

Social Impact - Sustainable materials used, Revival of Classic Indian toys/games, Backing an Indigenous Toy brand with Indian cultural roots, 100% Made in India contributing to 'Atmanirbhar Bharat'

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